Pace House

"Pace House started in Alabama as a trio featuring Paul Costa and Mason Paris on vocals and guitars, along with Taylor Adams on 6-string bass. Later in 2014, the addition of drummer Elliot Russo made Pace House a quartet. The initial songs were penned mostly by Costa, but the others added so much to the sound that the final product truly became a group effort. Eclectic just barely describes their intricate, tight sound. Some refer to Pace House music as math rock / fusion with pop sensibilities. Adams and Russo are also featured in a power trio with Adams on guitar, Russo on drums and bassist Nick Shaw from Black Crown Initiate and Invalids. This project is known as Mount Vesuvius Death March, and their eponymous debut recording is also featured on Pandora. Newly created music is constantly being added to the Pace House playlist and they are currently laying down tracks for their new album,
‘Forever Existing Place’."