Machinsit! & KILLMEPLEASE Split7/12/2019 · Lost State Records · 56

The split album between Georgia band Machinist! And Portland, OR band Killmeplease. Lost State Records is teaming up with Killer Robot Music for this one with each label getting a unique color variant.

Catacombs "Désespoir" EP 3/21/2019 · Lost State records · 55

Blending melodic hardcore with emotional lyrics, this album will hit you hard and slam its way into your heart.

Track Listing
Til Death

Deadwitch Self-titled 3/28/18 · Lost State Records · 54

Recorded and mastered by Sam Yeaman of No Faith Records. Special thanks to Eli Fakes for the album art and Jimmy Smolenski for the logo design. Albert Carter - Drums/vocals. Andrew Legg - Bass. David DeLaCruz - guitar/vocals.

Grumpster "Cutting Ties" 7/1/2018 · Lost State Records · 53

All songs written & performed by Grumpster

Recorded at Earthtone Studios
by Patrick Hills

Artwork by Tommy Ly

Curse League "Laying by the Fire in Good Company"4/30/2018 · Lost State Records · 52

Kai Brunson - Guitar
Chester Cun - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Jake Campbell - Drums, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Alexandria Hickel - Bass

Blake Kimmel - Banjo on "The Badlands"
Kara Aber Chambers - Vocals on "The Badlands", "Tijuana", "Dunes of Yuma", and "La Siembra"
Cameron Simons - Drums/Percussion on "Narcocorrido Nuevo"

Drums tracked at Heck Family Manor (Mukilteo)
Guitar, Bass, Vocals tracked at Crying Man Studios (West Seattle)
Mixed/Tracked/Produced by Cameron Heck
Mastered to tape by Nicholas Wilbur at The Unknown (Anacortes)

Album Artwork/Insert by Mollie Thompson w/ help from Yufi64, Itemfinder, Difficult Children, Maki, James, Caitlin, Janet, and Scott

Lost Boys "Fun" 2/26/18 · Lost State Records, I.Corrupt. Records, La Soja, Désordre Ordonné, Dingleberry Records and Distribution, Rakkerpak Records, Don't Care Records, À Fond d'Cale Prod · 51

Lost Boys is a screamo/hardcore three-piece from Germany, which started playing shows in May 2016. After achieving lots of positive feedback for their self-titled debut EP, the band has finally finished their first album. "Fun" consists of ten furious, short and rough songs, which might be a pleasure to listen to if you dig bands like Majority Rule, Pg.99, Orchid or Louise Cyphre.

Co-Release with

I.Corrupt. Records
La Soja
Désordre Ordonné
Dingleberry Records and Distribution
Rakkerpak Records
Don't Care Records
À Fond d'Cale Prod

KILLMEPLEASE EP1/19/18 · Lost State Records · 50

Debut EP for Portland, OR hardcore band

Slumped & Grumpster Split1/1/2018 · Lost State Records · 49

Recorded at Earthtone studios with Patrick Hills.
Artwork by TCM

Champange Colored Cars11/24/2017 · Lost State Records · 48

Tracking: Andy Torrey
Mixing: Matthew Frank
Mastering: Jesse Cannon
Artwork: Ben Walker
Trumpet: Joshua Lane Klein
releases November 24, 2017

Drums: Noah (Tyler) Linn
Bass/Vocals: Tyler Hendley
Guitar/Vocals: Tyler Perkins

Bearcats "No Friends"11/1/2017 · Lost State Records · 47

Lisa osburn - bass + vocals
lexi McCoy - drums + vocals
recorded by Paul Dutton, mixed and mastered by Dustyn Hiett

"Collective Past" by Collective Past6/23/2017 · Lost State Records · 46

Selt tilted EP by Collective past

"Harsh Purple" by Ghost Cat4/2/2017 · Lost State Records · 45

John Henderson - Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Shane O'Brien - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Osborne - Bass, Vocals
Sebastian Quintero - Drums
Karsten Andersen - Drums (Composition)
Daniel Columbo - Synth

Produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Columbo.
Additional production by Ghost Cat.

Recorded at Iceman Studios, West Palm Beach, FL.