Slumped & Grumpster Split1/1/2018 · Lost State Records · 49

Recorded at Earthtone studios with Patrick Hills.
Artwork by TCM

Champange Colored Cars11/24/2017 · Lost State Records · 48

Tracking: Andy Torrey
Mixing: Matthew Frank
Mastering: Jesse Cannon
Artwork: Ben Walker
Trumpet: Joshua Lane Klein
releases November 24, 2017

Drums: Noah (Tyler) Linn
Bass/Vocals: Tyler Hendley
Guitar/Vocals: Tyler Perkins

Bearcats "No Friends"11/1/2017 · Lost State Records · 47

Lisa osburn - bass + vocals
lexi McCoy - drums + vocals
recorded by Paul Dutton, mixed and mastered by Dustyn Hiett

"Collective Past" by Collective Past6/23/2017 · Lost State Records · 46

Selt tilted EP by Collective past

"Harsh Purple" by Ghost Cat4/2/2017 · Lost State Records · 45

John Henderson - Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Shane O'Brien - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Osborne - Bass, Vocals
Sebastian Quintero - Drums
Karsten Andersen - Drums (Composition)
Daniel Columbo - Synth

Produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Columbo.
Additional production by Ghost Cat.

Recorded at Iceman Studios, West Palm Beach, FL.

Slumped | E​.​P by Slumped4/6/2017 · Lost State Records · 44

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Patrick "p-swillz" Hills at Earth Tone Studios.
Nate Punty - Guitar,Vocals
Stephen Hines - Bass/Vox
Connor Gill - Guitar
Thayer Swetland -Drums

"Goodbye" by American memories3/3/2017 · Lost State Records · 42

Rich Gilliam - Guitar
Trey Hanawalt - Drums
Joey Moody - Guitar
Stephen Malloy - Bass

Recorded and Mastered by - Trey Hanawalt

Guest vocals on "Plagues" By Genesis Jennings

"Creature" by Mutt3/10/2017 · Lost State Records · 41

Mutt blends riot grrrl, grunge, post-punk, avant-garde, and garage rock to create a dynamic, in-your-face sound with unexpected twists and turns. Formed in 2015, the Oakland based trio consists of singer/guitarist May Black, drummer Chris Maneri, and bassist Juli Sherry.

Cassattes available here

May Black -Vox/Guitar
Austin Dillon-Guitar
Juli Sherry-Bass
Chris Maneri-Drums

Our Ghosts | Collective Past - Split 3/3/2017 · Lost State Records · 40

For Nancy by Helltown11/21/2017 · Lost State Records · 39

Digital release of Helltowns EP "For Nancy"

SW / PH by Sleep Weather | Pace House1/2/2017 · Lost State Records · 38

Engineered: Taylor Adams & Paul Costa | Rainbow City, AL
Mixed: Chris Teti | Silver Bullet Studios | Burlington, CN
Mastered: Dan Coutant | Sun Room Audio

Original photography: Courtney Nantz
Design/illustration: Taylor Adams

"Break Up Stories" by Bearcats12/14/2016 · Lost State Records · 37

For United Kingdom | Euro residents go to Frux Tapes Store

Co - Release with Frux Tapes

LSR - 37
released December 14, 2016

Bass and Vocals - Lisa Harrison
Drums and Vocals _ Lexi McCoy
All songs were written by Lisa Harrison and Lexi McCoy

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Loom Fittuce