"Creature" by Mutt3/10/2017 · Lost State Records · 41

Mutt blends riot grrrl, grunge, post-punk, avant-garde, and garage rock to create a dynamic, in-your-face sound with unexpected twists and turns. Formed in 2015, the Oakland based trio consists of singer/guitarist May Black, drummer Chris Maneri, and bassist Juli Sherry.

Cassattes available here

May Black -Vox/Guitar
Austin Dillon-Guitar
Juli Sherry-Bass
Chris Maneri-Drums

Our Ghosts | Collective Past - Split 3/3/2017 · Lost State Records · 40

For Nancy by Helltown11/21/2017 · Lost State Records · 39

Digital release of Helltowns EP "For Nancy"

SW / PH by Sleep Weather | Pace House1/2/2017 · Lost State Records · 38

Engineered: Taylor Adams & Paul Costa | Rainbow City, AL
Mixed: Chris Teti | Silver Bullet Studios | Burlington, CN
Mastered: Dan Coutant | Sun Room Audio

Original photography: Courtney Nantz
Design/illustration: Taylor Adams

"Break Up Stories" by Bearcats12/14/2016 · Lost State Records · 37

For United Kingdom | Euro residents go to Frux Tapes Store

Co - Release with Frux Tapes

LSR - 37
released December 14, 2016

Bass and Vocals - Lisa Harrison
Drums and Vocals _ Lexi McCoy
All songs were written by Lisa Harrison and Lexi McCoy

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Loom Fittuce

"Jewel Case" by Hayley And The Crushers10/20/2016 · Lost State Records · 36

Hayley And The Crushers Debut LP

"Collapse" By American Memories 5/6/2016 · Lost State Records · 35

All songs by Rich Gilliam & Trey Hanawalt

Recorded at Blue Room Studios by Trey Hanawalt

mixed/mastered by Stephen Hines

Cover art by Ben Zucker

Released by
Lost State Records - 035
Girls Cartel Records - 014
Ronald Records - 089

"Lake Joy" by Sleep Weather4/5/2016 · Lost State Records · 34

Engineered and Mixed by Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
Artwork by Kkgas Perales
All lyrics by Hunter Rawls and Chris Branigan

"Hayley And The Crushers" by Hayley And The Crushers2/11/2016 · Lost State Records · 33

Self-titled EP From Hayley & The Crushers.

Rebel Scum / Post Nothing 2015 Split 11/12/2015 · Lost State Records · 32

LSR - 32
PDR - 02

Split release with Poser Dad Records

"Bordello EP" by Bordello10/29/2015 · Lost State Records · 31

New Jersey Screamo

"Change" by Stoop Kids10/29/2015 · Lost State Records · 30

Drums tracked by Ben Story @ Novella Studios, Dixon, CA

Guitar, Bass, and Vocals tracked by Stephen Starbuck @ Wormhole Studios #2, Elk Grove, CA.

Mix and Mastered by Stephen Starbuck.

Written and performed by your favorite bay area slack rockers, Stoop Kids.