"Jewel Case" by Hayley and the Crushers | CS

"Jewel Case" by Hayley and the Crushers | CS

12 soda-pop fueled punk n roll tunes that span the gamut of doodles found on Hayley's high school notebook. You get pulpy songs about mermaids, comebacks to riotous bad boys, and straight up rock n roll anthems that conjure up the vision of Joan Jett on a surf board. Sassy, sexy, furious, and fun! The Crusherverse awaits.

Track Listing

  1. Seventeen Strum
  2. Backseat Love
  3. Jewel Case
  4. Sharky Feeling
  5. Blacked Out
  6. Glitter and Glue
  7. Jaywalking
  8. Punks and Pushers
  9. Hotshot
  10. This Town
  11. Sirens Call

Pressing Information

100 yellow cassettes

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